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Job Title: Survey Researcher

Job Description:

Consult with management to identify needs in terms of groups of patients required for studies and researches in connection with finding better treatments and cures for infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, C and HIV.

Design and develop surveys to identify groups of patients interested in participating in various studies and research in connection with research programs offered by the medical office and major pharmaceutical companies which commission these studies.

Develop and design surveys, deep interviews and focus groups to understand the mindset and expectations of the current HIV positive patient clientele; identify strengths and weaknesses of the current operations; and, gather insight into future growth opportunities in research studies for HIV positive and HIV and Hepatitis C co‐infected patients.

Conduct deep interviews and establish focus groups to understand how patients use various online tools, and identify patterns in the usage of the new Electronic Medical Records system (eClinicalWorks) and its online Patient Portal and Mobile App (Healow) to break down barriers to its adoption and ascertain areas for its improvement. Develop and conduct online and offline research and survey methods for understanding the adoption rate and awareness of the recently FDA approved non-invasive Hepatitis C liver assessment device, FibroScan® in the medical communities of Los Angeles, California.

Devise HIPAA federal privacy rule compliant electronic survey research system for gathering, processing and analyzing prospective study patients' medical background and medical history.

Plan and coordinate single and multiple surveys to ascertain the appropriate groups of patients for pharmaceutical research projects including extensive studies of Hepatitis C and its subtypes found worldwide; of Hepatitis B that is mainly prevalent in people of Eastern European and Asian descent; and, of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD/NASH) that is mainly prevalent in people of Hispanic descent. Evaluate the data derived by the surveys and present the results to management.

Monitor the market for future trends based on current needs of pharmaceutical companies and make recommendations to management for future survey projects that are in line with pharmaceutical researches including the Hepatitis B research project to find a cure for the disease and the NAFLD project to develop better medicine for the mostly affected Hispanic population. Collaborate with office staff regarding other future research projects including the NAFLD survey's planning and implementation to ascertain the appropriate groups of mostly Hispanic patients. Conduct interviews and collect data within the medical and pharmaceutical communities to determine methods of designing and developing more specific surveys in line with the needs of major pharmaceutical companies.

Direct and review the work of support staff to ensure that the surveys are implemented pursuant to the plan and that data derived is appropriate for creating specific presentations acceptable to the medical and pharmaceutical communities. Train and oversee support staff in gathering and managing data collection through online channels. Design information database for the sustainable management of research study applicants.

Minimum Requirements:

Master's degree in Economics/International Business plus 2 years work experience that must have included performance of international market research surveys using statistics, and evaluating and analyzing large amounts of data from multiple sources.

How to Apply

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