Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is the FibroScan test expensive?
    The FibroScan test costs $350 which is much less than a liver biopsy.


  • Does my Health Insurance cover FibroScan?
    FibroScan technology is new to the United States and is not yet covered by insurance.


  • Do I have to get a referral from a doctor?
    No, you don't need a referral. You can just call us and schedule an appointment for the test.


  • Is this a painful test, are there needles involved?
    No. This is a non-invasive test, much like an ultrasound. There is no needle, and all you feel is a gentle shock wave on your skin.


  • When are results delivered?
    Test results are immediate and you will receive them in printed form at the end of your visit. Our office can send it to your doctor upon your request.


  • Who will be conducting the FibroScan test?
    We have several medical staff and clinical researchers, both male and female who are trained and certified for FibroScan.


  • How do I prepare for the FibroScan test?
    Do not eat and drink for two hours before the test.


  • I am heavy. Is this a problem?
    No, our Fibroscan has both the regular and the XL probe.

  • What happens during the examination?
    You will be asked medical questions regarding your liver condition. You will be examined with the FibroScan Your test results will be provided and interpreted by the certified specialist.



More info on our FibroScan service here.